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Vitamin B6 – The Good Mood Vitamin!

Posted on 11/07/2018

Learn how vitamin B6 can improve your mood and your health.

vitamin b6 the good mood vitamin

Vitamin B6 isn’t one of the hot topic vitamins. Not compared to the big name players like vitamin C. But despite its lake of recognition, vitamin B6 plays a vital role in the regulation of our mood as well as promoting good heart health. So, lets shine a little light on vitamin B6 and see how it can benefit our minds as well as our bodies.

Having a good source of vitamin B6 can help maintain healthy blood vessels. This means a lower risk of heart disease or suffering from a heart attack. The other positives of having strong healthy blood vessels is that it keeps blood pressure regulated, and alongside this vitamin B6 manages cholesterol levels which helps to prevent heart disease.

As if this wasn’t enough to have us stocking up, vitamin B6 is also known as the happiness vitamin. It plays a crucial role in creating two hormones called; Serotonin and norepinephrine which are often described as the “happy hormones”. These hormones help to control mood and concentration levels. Studies have also shown that a deficiency in vitamin B6 could contribute to Alzheimer’s disease.

Now we have a clearer understanding on just what vitamin B6 can do for our bodies and our mental well-being, let’s have a look at the best sources to get it into our diets. Foods with high levels of vitamin B6 include

Understanding the wide range of both physical and mental health benefits of vitamin B6 its hard to work out why it is so often underrated. With the ability to regulate our moods, assist with memory function and maintain good heart health its certainly a vitamin we should pay closer attention towards.