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Sugar Tax – The UK’s stance against sugary drinks.

Posted on 11/04/2018

Read about how the new sugar tax will affect the drinks on shop shelves.

uk sugar tax

This weekend saw the start of the UK’s sugar tax which is targeting the sweetest of the countries fizzy drinks. The tax has been brought in to try and curb our inclination towards sugar laden drinks which are playing a big part in the nations rise in obesity.

The introduction of the sugar tax has been met with much enthusiasm from the likes of Jamie Oliver who spoke outside parliament house after the announcement was made by Chancellor Philip Hammond. The money raised by the levy will be directed to the Department of Education. Initial estimations see the tax raising around £520 million which will fund sports in primary schools in an effort to get kids to be more active.

However not everyone is happy with the changes, with fierce protests going on during the announcements from those who believe the tax will hit those in the poorer demographics, and that it doesn’t affect some of the sweetest drinks on shop shelves. 100% fruit juices have been made exempt from the tax despite having some of the highest concentrations of sugar.

There are two categories being implemented. The tariff will depend on how much sugar per 100ml is in each drink. The first taxation is on drinks with more than 5g of sugar per 100ml whilst a higher tax is being enforced for drinks with 8g or more per 100ml.


Who is Effected?

Sugar free or low sugar drinks such as BCAA Energy, Diet Coke, Coke Zero and diet Red Bull are exempt from the new taxation laws. Some of the drinks being hit by the top tariff are Coke with 10.5g of sugar per 100ml, Red Bull which has 11g per 100ml and Jamaica Ginger Beer which contains a whopping 15.2g per 100ml.

The introduction of the new sugar tax is the beginning of the UK’s stand against sugar. Time will show just how effective these changes will be. But if statistics from countries who have already made the move towards taxing sugar are anything to go by, we can hope to see a reduction in the amount of high sugar drinks being purchased. Mexico saw a 12% reduction in sugary drinks bought in the first year.


Sugar Free Energy Drinks

BCAA Energy is completely sugar free which sees it exempt from the new taxation laws and makes it a healthy alternative to full sugar energy drinks on the market. Not only is BCAA Energy sugar free but it hosts a variety of other health benefits with the addition of branch chain amino acids, EAA’s, protein and collagen making it one of the healthiest energy drink on the market!

sugar free energy drink

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