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  • freshers week
    XEG Welcomes Cheltenham Students
    13th September 2018
    Lu doing us proud at Pitville Campus in Cheltenham for the freshers weekend! BCAA Energy was such a hit! Big shout out to Baxter Story for allowing us to be there and great to meet all the new students. Everyone enjoyed our free samples 😉
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  • caffeine health benefits
    Caffeine - Friend not Foe
    8th August 2018
    Caffeine has had a bad wrap in the past being linked to various health risks such as heart palpitations, insomnia and increases in blood pressure. However, our perception of caffeine has changed dramatically in recent months since it has been taken off the carcinogenic list, and research is much more vocal about the possible health benefits. Moderate coffee consumption has...
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  • vitamin b6 the good mood vitamin
    Vitamin B6 - The Good Mood Vitamin!
    11th July 2018
    Learn how vitamin B6 can improve your mood and your health. Vitamin B6 isn’t one of the hot topic vitamins. Not compared to the big name players like vitamin C. But despite its lake of recognition, vitamin B6 plays a vital role in the regulation of our mood as well as promoting good heart health. So, lets shine a little...
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  • benefits of protein
    The Benefits of Protein
    21st June 2018
    Protein has long been recognised for its health benefits, especially amongst those leading an active and healthy lifestyle. BCAA Energy boasts 14g of protein per 500ml can as one of its main ingredients, made up of 7g collagen protein and 7g essential amino acids. Lets take a closer look at what makes protein such an important part of our...
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  • keemat drinks suppliers
    BCAA Energy now listed on Keemat!
    3rd May 2018
    We are excited to announce that BCAA Energy Drinks are now listed on Keemat, the UK’s hub for food suppliers. Keemat is an online B2B trade website which enables trade buyers, sole traders or those in procurement to buy direct at wholesale prices. The website is a great way to be able to get in touch with any food...
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  • uk sugar tax
    Sugar Tax - The UK’s stance against sugary drinks.
    11th April 2018
    Read about how the new sugar tax will affect the drinks on shop shelves. This weekend saw the start of the UK’s sugar tax which is targeting the sweetest of the countries fizzy drinks. The tax has been brought in to try and curb our inclination towards sugar laden drinks which are playing a big part in the nations rise...
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  • healthy energy drink trends
    Healthy Energy Drink Trends
    5th April 2018
    Healthy Energy Drink - The Popular Trend in Energy Boosters That Are GOOD For You! Energy drinks have become a convenient way to boost energy whilst on the run. We are all familiar with the main players that can be seen in most shop fridges with the choices becoming somewhat mind boggling. But how many of these energy drinks can...
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  • What are BCAAs and Why are They Important?
    11th January 2018
    Amino Acids
    For those who are regular gym goers, lead an active lifestyle or are generally health conscious, you may have heard the term ‘BCAAs’ and ‘EAAs’ thrown around. But what do they stand for and how important are they? If these are questions you feel you’re asking yourself, continue reading to find out more. What are BCAAs / EAAs? The term BCAA...
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  • collagen-younger-skin
    Collagen – The Key to Younger Skin
    11th January 2018
    Collagen is one of the key ingredients for helping to keep skin youthful and firm. It’s one of the most abundant proteins found in the human body, and as the body ages the level of collagen in our skin decreases. Our collagen levels must be topped up in order to keep us looking young! Continue reading to find out...
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  • The Dangers of Aspartame
    The Dangers of Aspartame
    25th September 2017
    The next generation of energy drinks wage war on Aspartame and sugar! What if we told you that your diet drink is actually causing you to gain weight? Many diet foods, diet drinks and sugar free products often contain a common sweetener called Aspartame, more commonly known as NutraSweet. During recent studies it has been suggested that Aspartame can cause weight...
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