About Us

Xtreme Energy Group is an innovative energy drinks company based in the UK with a strong ethos surrounding health and vitality. BCAA Energy Drinks are the brain child of two like-minded entrepreneurs who, after coffee and a lengthy conversation regarding the current energy drink market, narrowed down the pitfalls and lack of health benefits offered by the industry. The casual conversation resulted in the idea to create a healthy energy drink with unique qualities. After months of trialling and testing with our manufacturer, we created an energy drink that gives a high energy boost with no crash and has a wide variety of health benefits. Since the vision began in 2016, we have launched into UK and Ireland and looking to export Globally with rapid interest from Iceland, India, Mexico, USA and South Africa.


Our Core Values

Vision for improved health: Our prime motivation is to promote healthy living by developing healthy, clean alternatives to popular products. By researching the most beneficial combinations of ingredients we aim to provide quality nutritional benefits into each product.

Environment: We are conscious of the health and vitality of our planet as well as our customers. We believe in recycling and taking care of climate control. We produce our products in the most efficient way available to use and our cans are 100% recyclable.

quality and value

Providing Quality and Value

  • All our products are developed in-house and delivered direct
  • We guarantee each product goes through vigorous in-house testing
  • We cut out the costs and the savings are passed onto you
  • Plus there is no additional VAT on BCAA Energy!